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Greetings for 2017

A Verse for 2017

"Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed ... for the battle is not yours but God's."

II Chronicles 20:15 ESV

I have known about the Deaconry for years. I have been here for meetings and events, and I know pastors who have come to the Deaconry for retreat and rejuvenation. Now, as of November 1, I am a member of the team. I sense an upwelling of hope and a growing joy, and I look forward to what God has in store.

The ministry of The Fellowship Deaconry spans decades - innumerable lives have been enriched and many have been led to salvation. I have heard people speak of there being a Spiritual Well here at the Deaconry.    

Please pray that God would re-open that well, and that Living Water would erupt and bring a flood of salvation, healing, deliverance and wholeness. Some who visit the Deaconry even now report that as they enter they feel they are entering a safe and sacred place.

Our hope is to leave a legacy of new generations to bring the Deaconry onward. The thousands of children who have been edified at Day Camp Sunshine, the hosts of Fellowship Conference Center visitors over the years, and the youngsters at Sunshine Preschool are all investments made toward building that legacy.

And you, those who have supported the Deaconry financially, in prayer, with intercession, and with labor, are a part of building that legacy. You visited here as children. You have sent your children here to Day Camp Sunshine and Sunshine Preschool. You have been here on retreat or attended a conference where God has spoken into your life, and changed you forever.  Some of you have known the Deaconry for less time, but with no less affection. We are blessed and encouraged to know you are with us.

My growing joy springs from a vision of moving forward in God, without discarding the past. We are beautifying the grounds, improving services, and expanding ministries – investing in the legacy. The greatest blessing – the most effective legacy building – comes when guests and campers want to return here because this is where they had an encounter with God! That is what it’s all about.

The above scripture verse has been chosen by the Deaconry Sisters. We send this word to you because God is speaking the very same to us as we move forward: “Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the battle is not yours but God’s.”  (2 Chronicles 20:15 ESV)

We thank you for your support, in all its forms. Please continue in prayer and intercession. If we can pray for you, please email your prayer request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Prayer" in the subject line and your prayer request in the body of the email.

In Christ,

Rev. Joel E. Davis
Executive Director
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